Ph.D Students

Amartansh DUBEY

Zixiang HAN

Hongxin ZHOU

Shangkun GE


Fan Jiang

Ge Zhang

Wenjie Wang

Yue Li


M.Phil Students

Pranay SOOD




Graduated Ph.D Students

Liwen Jing

Thesis: Fault Detection in Acoustic and Electromagnetic Waveguide Channels with Applications to Transmission Line and Pipe Line Networks
Graduated: August 2018
Current Empoyment: Shenzhen Technology University

Parisa Lotfi

Thesis: Design and Fabrication of Compact Antennas for Wireless Biomedical Applications
Graduated: August 2018
Empoyment on graduation: Boston

Shanpu Shen

Thesis: Multiple antenna systems for ambient RF energy harvesting
Graduated: August 2017
Current Empoyment: Post-doc, Imperical College London

Saber Soltani

Thesis: Compact MIMO antenna design for future wireless communication systems
Graduated: August 2016
Empoyment on graduation: Post-doc, UMass, Boston

Song Sichao

Thesis: Reconfigurable Antennas for Wireless Communication
Graduated: August 2014
Empoyment on graduation: Huawei, Shenzhen (now at Ericsson, Sweden)

Li Shenghong

Thesis: Improving the Spectral Efficiency of Wireless Communication Systems based on New Duplexing Techniques
Graduated: December 2013
Empoyment on graduation: CSIRO, Australia

Weng Lingfan

Thesis: Cooperative Communications for Wireless Communications
Graduated: August 2008
Empoyment on graduation: Macquarie Bank, Hong Kong

Mak Chi Keung

Thesis: Re-configurable Antennas for Wireless Communications
Graduated: August 2008
Empoyment on graduation: ASTRI, Hong Kong

Wang Cheng

Thesis: Cross-Layer Multiuser MIMO Wireless Communication using limited channel information
Graduated: August 2007
Empoyment on graduation: ASTRI, Hong Kong

Chu Xiaoli

Thesis: Wireless Ultra Wideband Systems
Graduated: August 2005
Current Empoyment: Lecturer, University of Sheffield, UK

Zhu Xu

Thesis: Wireless MIMO Antenna Systems for Frequency Selective Fading Channels
Graduated: April 2003
Current Empoyment: Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool, UK


Thesis: Multi-user MISO and MIMO Transmit Signal Processing for Wireless Communication
Graduated: March 2003
Empoyment on graduation: TUM, Germany

Kai Kit WONG

Thesis: Multi-User Wireless Communications using MIMO Antenna Systems
Graduated: August 2001
Current Empoyment: Professor, University College London, UK


Thesis: Channel Characterization for Wireless Communications
Graduated: September 1997



Graduated M.Phil Students

Jichao Li

Thesis: High Data Rate MIMO Wireless Communication for Ingestible Capsule Endoscope System: Antenna Design and Propagation
Graduated: August 2012
Empoyment on graduation: ASTRI, Hong Kong

Stephen Chu

Thesis: RFID Backscattering and  link layer modeling
Graduated: August 2009

Stephen Yan

Thesis: RF Antenna Chip design
Graduated: August 2008
Current employment : Research Assistant Professor, University of Kansas, USA

Hailing Meng

Thesis: Practical MIMO
Graduated: August 2007

Kevin, Chi Ho Cheng

Thesis: RFID Tag and Reader Antennas
Graduated: August 2007

Kenneth Chan

Thesis: Antennas for Spectrum Efficient Wireless Communication
Graduated: August 2003

Gi Gi Chim Kwok Chi

Thesis: Low SAR Antenna Designs for Wireless Communications
Graduated: August 2002

Nejib Boubaker

Thesis: A Low Complexity Multicarrier Layered Space-Time Architecture for Realizing High Data Rates
Graduated: August 2001

Sanar Sfar

Thesis: Layered Space-Time Multiuse Communications Systems
Graduated: August 2001

Samuel, Ko Chun Kuen

Thesis: Compact Diversity Antennas for Wireless Communications
Graduated: August 2000

Lydia Leung

Thesis: Joint Space-Time Interference Cancellation Receiver with Simplified Complexity using Pre-Beamforming
Graduated: August 2000

Ruly Choi

Thesis: MIMO Antenna Systems for DS/CDMA Communications
Graduated: August 2000

Winson, Au Wing Suen

Thesis: Performance Analysis of SDMA Systems for Wireless Communications
Graduated: August, 1999

Anvil, Ng Kin Ping

Thesis: 2GHz ISM Band Antenna for PC Cards
Graduated: August, 1999

Gabriel, Lui Kwing Hung

Thesis: Dual Band Wireless Communication Antennas
Graduated: August, 1999

C Yui Wong

Thesis: OFDM
Graduated: August, 1999 

Wai Kit Fung

Thesis: Performance Evaluation of Contention Based Wireless Access Schemes with Smart Antennas
Graduated: August, 1999

Wong Kai Kit

Thesis: Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications
Graduated: August, 1998

Matthew, TK Tam

Thesis: Compact Dielectric Resonator Antenna Design for Wireless Communications
Graduated: August, 1998

John CL Ng

Thesis: Antenna Diversity Combining and Equalization for High-Speed Wireless LANs
Graduated: July, 1997

Corbett Rowell

Thesis: Compact Low-Profile Antennas for Mobile Communications
Graduated: June, 1996
Current Empoyment: Professor, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

David Fong

Thesis: Novel Approaches to Indoor Propagation Prediction
Graduated: August 1995

Anna Ip

Thesis: Propagation Prediction for Microcells
Graduated: August 1995

Anthony Sum Kwok Wing

Thesis: Very Low-Bit-Rate Segmented Video for Visual Telephony
Graduated: July 1994

Terence Kar Ki Chan

Thesis: A New Method in Diffraction Tomography for Medical Image Reconstruction
Graduated: September 1993